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Jason Cerro, LPC
How I Can Help You -

Unlike most counseling agencies, I answer my own phone calls, and I can schedule to get you in the same day you call, or the next day, if needed. I do my best to accommodate your scheduling needs and I am available throughout your counseling treatment, not just in session.

  • I can help with your Depression and / or Anxiety, so you'll gain more happiness, and experience fewer feelings of being overwhelmed.
  • If you have anger, I can help you understand it and how to cope with it.
  • If you have unresolved childhood issues, I can help you heal pain and resentment from the past and move past that "stuck" feeling.
  • If you have nightmares or flashbacks from past trauma, I can help you process those terrifying moments so they do not control your life anymore.
  • If you struggle with Alcohol or Drug use, I can help you create a life that doesn't require the exhausting search for your next "fix".
  • I can help your child behave better if he or she is acting out, by rewarding good behavior and establishing consequences for poor behavior.
  • I can help your child balance school, home life, and stressors of life.
  • Marriage concerns? I can help you and your spouse argue less, communicate more effectively about your issues, and enjoy each other again.
Jason T. Cerro, LPC