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Top 5 Ways to Help Your Child Have Homework Success in Primary / Elementary School
  1. Designate a quiet, non-cluttered place for your child to work.
  2. Set-up a homework routine (ex. home from school, snack, and then homework).
  3. Understand what is expected of your child by his/her teacher and provide guidance and support to your child. The purpose of homework generally is to practice content already taught in class. If your child seems to be confused, work through a couple of similar questions/problems with your child, as he/she may benefit from an alternate explanation. Jot a note on the assignment or send an email to your child’s teacher if there is particular difficulty on an assignment. Be sure to communicate your concerns. Please note that a general guide is 10 minutes of nightly homework per grade (ex. 4th grade = 40 minutes of homework).
  4. Use positive reinforcement to support your child. If homework completion seems to be a problem, set up a simple reward system to motivate him/her. (ex. sticker in planner for each day homework is completed with no more than 1 reminder. 15 stickers = an extra read aloud before bed, bedtime 10 minutes later than usual, etc.). This reinforcement system can be mirrored at school if packing up necessary assignments is a perpetual problem for your child.
  5. Help your child stay organized! Have your child clean out his/her backpack at least once a week (ex. every Friday).