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Jason T. Cerro provides video counseling sessions for MyIdealDoctor.com. To schedule an appointment, visit MyIdealDoctor.com, click on the "Member Login" located near the top/center of the page, and then click on "Sign Up" at the bottom of the page. Once your account has been set up, you can begin to schedule sessions through MyIdealDoctor.com.

Below are the counseling services I offer which will help you experience positive change:

Individual Counseling: Are you interested in talking one-on-one about some life issues to get you feeling better? We all have problems that interfere with our daily routines. Sometimes we need another person to help us work through those struggles and teach us healthy coping skills.

Individual Counseling Rate: 45 minutes / $150

Couple ArguingCouples Counseling: Are you fighting and arguing with your partner more than you really want to? Do you have feelings of resentment, a lack of trust, or even anger toward your partner? Relationships are difficult to be in sometimes. They require time, energy, desire, and love to name a few. I can help you sort out your feelings towards each other and help you create lasting and healthy relationship patterns.
Couples Counseling Rate: 45 minutes / $150

Family Counseling: Are you struggling to find harmony in your blended family? Are you having difficulties with your brother, sister, father, mother, or even your child? Are your in-laws negatively affecting your relationships? Families evolve and are incredibly dynamic. Often times we struggle with transitions in our families and need someone objective to provide some clarity to bring us closer. I specialize in helping families shift from discord to harmony, to go from fighting to enjoying each other.
Family Counseling Rate: 45 minutes / $150

Additional Services and Rates

Meeting Fees
School Meeting or Conference: $300

Administrative and Legal Fees
Preparation time (including submission of records): $200 per hour
Written Letter: $200
Phone Calls: $200 per hour
Depositions: $500 per hour
Time required in giving testimony: $500 per hour
Mileage: 50 cents per mile
Time away from office due to depositions or testimony: $250 per hour
All attorney fees and costs incurred by therapist as a result of the legal action
Filing a document with the court: $300
Minimum charge for a court appearance: $2000

A retainer of $2000 is due in advance. If a subpoena or notice to meet an attorney is received without a minimum of 48 hours notice, there is an additional $250 "express" charge. Also, if the case is reset with less than 72 business hours' notice, then the client will be charged $500 (in addition to the retainer of $2000). Finally, all fees are doubled if Counselor Jason T Cerro, LPC previously had scheduled plans to be out of town.