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Top Ten Ways To live In An Unhealthy Relationship
  1. Every time you argue, make sure you are always right and they are always wrong.
  2. Speaking of arguing, make sure you never attempt to discuss the problem that caused the argument.
  3. When your partner compliments you, make sure to say to them that they are only saying it because they want something.
  4. Have very low expectations for your relationship.
  5. Prioritize making plans with your friends over your partner, especially on the weekends.
  6. Make sure your partner feels unloved at least 75 percent of the time.
  7. Take every opportunity to make your partner feel like there is something inherently wrong with them.
  8. Always start your conversations with, "you always" or "you never."
  9. Ask these questions often: "What is wrong with you?" Why would you do a thing like that?"
  10. When your partner is angry and says, "I could care less," be sure to correct them by saying: It's I couldn't care less."